Worst Food Combinations to Avoid at Any Cost!

Whom you wanna make your friend? Obviously, who mix and match with you properly with you right! Same like with foods some foods are very good for your health when taken alone but when you combine them with them they somehow not be so ideal for your health , so be careful while combining foods.

Below we provide Worst Food Combinations to avoid at Any Cost!

Fruit with food:

fruits with food

Most people finish their food by having a piece of fruit. The problem here is that fruit does not combine well with foods; the reason behind this is that fruits contain simple sugars that require no digestion. Thus, whenever you eat fruit on the top of your meal especially like pasta and meat, the fruit will stay for too long in the digestive system. So it’s always better to consume these fruits between your meals.

Mint with Aerated Drinks:

Mint with Aerated Drinks

Haven’t you watched the experiments that are conduct with Mint and bottle of Aerated drinks yet? Well if not then watch it now. Just imagine the explosion happening inside your stomach…how you feel? You will definitely feel bloated like a balloon. Same when you consume Mint and aerated drink it will form cyanide inside the stomach. However, this will only happen when you combined in a certain amount.

Yogurt With fruit:

Yogurt with Fruits

Mixing Sour fruits and yogurt is not a good idea as it should not be taken with yogurt. If you do this that surely your digestion problems creates a problem for you and even sometimes can also cause nasal congestion, coughs, and allergies. Moreover, create an acid which slows down your metabolism and makes you lethargic. If you still want to add sour foods in the yogurt you can do one thing add some sweeteners into it like honey, raisins.

Honey with Warm Water:

Honey with warm water

Whenever we want to lose weight first advice that we take from others is to add honey in hot water. The problem here is that once honey is added in hot water, honey get melts and going to produce a toxin which is nearly impossible to remove as it clog’s up to your body’s channels. This is why according to Ayurveda dieting always consumes Honey with Cold water.

Meat/egg with Milk:

Meat, egg and milk


Don’t you feel it sounds like the kid is cooked with its mother’s milk. This combination might not affect you instantly but may show its negative effects with time. Actually, meat and egg contain proteins which make it difficult for them to digest together.

Salt in salads:

Salt with salad

We love salad when we sprinkle salt over it yes or No. well this is not a good thing we did, the main problem about this is that salt drain moisture and nutrients from the salad. No doubt we all need a little salt but overdose may sometimes take us to the world of health issues. Heart doctor and actually advice that we only need 2,400 milligrams of salt a day.

White bread and jam:

White bread and jam

Most of the kids or even adults love to eat White bread with jam…and is soooo yummy isn’t it! But don’t go for its taste as after eating this combo your blood sugar level goes up and it’s very hard to bring it down by releasing insulin from the pancreas as a result of this your body feel tired and irritated. This process mainly wears your pancreas down and creates insulin resistance and diabetes.

Starchy carbs and tomatoes:

Starchy carbs and tomatoes

What we most like to eat when we talk about junk foods? Obviously Pizza…yeah! But do you know Pizza is the combination of Starchy carbs and tomatoes so what happen? Well, Tomato is an acidic food and can cause a problem when we consume it with starch foods. It may cause indigestion, GERD, and other digestion problems. So avoid taking starchy foods like rice, bread, pasta or sweet potatoes.

Wine and pudding:

Wine and pudding

Unfortunately, this advice is for those who have sweet tooth and in parties, they like to eat desserts with alcohol which is not a good combo to eat. The reason behind this is that alcohol messes up blood sugar levels and increases insulin production. Moreover when you eat sugar with alcohol as it does not digest easily and stored as fat and lead to unhealthy weight gain.

Spinach and Dairy Products:

Spinach and Dairy Products

Most people love to eat Creamy spinach or Cheese spinach; unfortunately there is bad news for them. The reason of their bad combo is that oxalate present in spinach when combined with calcium, actually prevent it from being absorbed. If you are absorbing calcium than you will need to make sure not to mix it with oxalate-dense foods like parsley, beets, spinach and collard.

Burger and fries:

Burger and fries

Most restaurants always offer discount like when we take a burger we get Fries free or something like that, and what we do we immediately grab that offer and happy to have this offer isn’t. But according to dietician, this meal is not healthy and top of that this combo is most unhealthy one that we have, this is because overcooked food always contains high level of fat,chemicals, and preservations that can form charcoal-type substance. So when we combine overcooked burger with potato fries it will create cytokines which can cause inflammation and also speed up the aging process.

Muffins and fruit juices:

Muffins and fruit juices


When we are in hurry and getting late for office or school and don’t want to skip the most important meal of the day (breakfast) then we take Muffins and fruit juices so that to maintain energy and reduce the craving by mid afternoon. But is this really happen with you….We don’t think so because this combo is not good as it gives lots of calories obviously that is not good if we want to maintain our weight, on the other hand, and also it is little in terms of nutrition . In this combo, the lack of protein and fiber clashes with high sugar consumption that actually messed up blood sugar. So instead of this, there are various options that you have in your breakfast.

So whenever you are in the party don’t grab everything to eat. Remember this provided list of foods so that you always remain healthy.

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