Can a wearable fitness device predict you heart attack

Now days there are various smart devices that hitting the market which helps to monitor more sophisticated metrics, like heart rate. Are these devices really worked? Well yes… The tech industry promises that wearable fitness and health devices actually improve care by empowering patients. Heart rate monitors aren’t just for cardiologists anymore….they can be incorporated into consumer devices such as watches, bracelets and smart phones. Now everyone can easily look over its heart rate without consulting doctor.

Let’s have a look over some factors that directly link with your heart rate.

Smart devices


When we sleep, our body is at rest that means our heart rate automatically go down during sleep. But do you know how low does it go? Fluctuation and elevations in heart rate possibly detect a medical condition known as apnea. Heart rate data during sleep is providing insights on patients who are at risk of having a heart attack. With wearable fitness devices you can easily predict your heart rate even when you are sleeping. Don’t you think it is cool trick!


Apart from predicting heart attacks in the middle of the night, it is also it also helpful to detect heart rate at gym which helps people to exercise safely and effectively. Do you notice professional athletes always use heart rate monitors during their training? The only reason behind this is that they get heart rate information, quantify their level of exertion and also measure their body’s capacity. Don’t you feel with the help of these devices people become more physically fit? Well according to us “yes” they will.

Heart disease and stroke:

This devices specially designed to measure heart diseases. According to last few year survey most people die because of heart attacks and people walk around undiagnosed heart disease. These people may do lots of things that are not good for their hearts but they have no idea about it, and they get heart attack at any moment. By wearing heart rate monitoring device each individual who are unaware about their cardiovascular risk can detect their risk and treat that risk in time.

We know that it’s important to look at metrics like blood pressure, sleep patterns, weight, stress levels and alcohol consumption.With these devices you can predict and even prevent a host of problems, including serious diseases such as a sudden heart attack. Fitness devices actually help us to understand how body works. Moreover, understanding the problem itself is the first step towards the solution. So buy these gadgets immediately and start looking for your health.

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