Why Cell Phones are bad for Your Health

Do you have a cell phone? Obviously, today’s ninety-nine percent of generations have cell phones including teenagers and adults most probably they have smartphones. Right! Do you ever feel when you are not with your cell phone you feel anxious? Or when you are with your phone you constantly look at it……can you imagine your life without cell phones……”A big No” right! Because cell phone provides 24/7 entertainment package including social media, games, video channels, provide updates regarding global events etc. Most of us hardly recalling those days how we ever survived without cell phones, technology infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Those who organized family gatherings now busy in touch using social media and express their express their love and affection by liking and posting pictures on social media. Feeling really bad!

Yeah ……..Cell phones have boon for us but we cannot say it can’t be a bane. Along with its advantages, we have lots of disadvantages. According to national cancer institute, cell phone emits radiations which are absorbed by the skin near where the cell phone is kept.

Why Cell Phones are bad for Your Health

Look below to know about Hazards of Cell Phone:

Cancer Risk:

Cell phone emits radio waves and it depends on upon using a cell phone, the length of each call, the number of calls you received each day. According to various studies, it shows that due to the low frequency of these radiations instead of breaking molecular bonds it directly causes cancer by mutating DNA.

Hindering Sleep:

We all love peaceful sleep right! But what when we don’t get that …we feel irritated, disturbed and angry. The cell phone may be the one reason behind hindering your sleep. According to various surveys, it comes into notice that that individual who sleeps along with their cell phones sleeps less each night. And also make sure do not place cell phones near your child because it not only disturb their sleep but also make them mentally week because child’s tissue and bone marrow absorb radiations more quickly as compared to adults.

Bacteria grow on your phone:

Yes ….it is possible to bow you want to know how right! Do you clean your cell phone regularly “yes” or “no”? A big “NO” right and we rarely think over this but according to latest study your cell phones as dirty as your toilet seats because bacteria grows on your phone by getting heat that generated by your phone.

Increases eye problems:

From 24 hours you may stare your phone at least 18 hours, even at night you spend maximum time on your cell phones. Your mobile screen is very much smaller than your computer screen so it will cause strain your eyes while reading messages or e-mails.

Increase chronic pain:

If you have cell phones you have to use your hands either for making a call, e-mails or for messaging then it may cause pain and inflammation in your joints.While massaging your neck and shoulder comes in a strange posture which may further lead to cause back pain. So try to reduce using your phones.

Interfere with your dream to become a parent:

A survey is done on a participant that shows that using cell phones for a long time may decrease motility, fertility, and sperm count or increase sperm counts to excess. If you want to protect yourself use your phone with a speaker or Bluetooth or with headphones.

Protective measures:

As you all know the cell phone is in demand nowadays everyone using a cell phone because this is the primary way of communication right! So we just take some precautions before using cell phones.

Use Headphones:

Cell phones emitted radio waves which are harmful to your head when you hold it near your ear. Try to keep cell phones away from your ear, you can use headphones. The headphone is the best to protect your cell phone from direct contact with the brain.

Text rather than calls:

We can’t say avoid talking on the phone, yeah… there are various emergency situations when you need to call and is necessary. But we are too lazy to type a message right and we think we are wasting our time on typing a message and prefer to communicate on phones as this is quick …..But believe us cell phones radiation gave very bad effects on your brain. So be careful before making a call if it is not important then prefer to text.

Avoid using phones on remote areas:

Do you ever notice whenever you are in the remote area your cell phone do not access a cellular network. In this case, your cell phone emits excess of radiation to fetch the signals and these radiations are hazardous for your health. Even most of the birds comes in the list of extinct category due to these radiations.

Do not use phones while driving or on Elevator:

You hear this statement thousands of times but the logic applies here. While driving it is heard for your phone to catch a signal so it starts emitting an excess of radiations and at the end lead to produce more harmful radiation than average. The Same logic applies in the case of elevators and also on basements. So protect yourself from using cell phones in these places.

Use landlines:

Remember your old school days when we use landlines with a cord to make a call. And this is best has no side effects but technology changes everything. We don’t think anyone has landline on their home now a day’s….do you notice? But if you have landlines then use it instead of using your cell phones … do this only for your health.

Switch side:

Suppose if you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to insert headphones and its important to pick a call. Then switching side of your phones after an interval of time is the best option to minimizing radiation exposure.

Wait for connection:

When you want to connect with other person don’t put your phone directly on your ear allow your phone to tell you when it connects after connection put your phone on your ear. This is a very simple way to minimize cell phone radiations.

So holding cell phones close to you’re ear for more than 2 hour is not a good idea, try to use headphones. And most probably man kept their cell phones in front pocket (near to heart), so if you are from them carrying your phone in a backpack, or putting it in airplane mode while it’s in your pocket. So be careful while using cell phones, where the cell phone has its Advantages it also has various Disadvantages.

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