Top 10 Amazing Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Do you attend your chemistry classes or bunk them…well if you attend those interesting chemistry classes then definitely you know about Hydrogen peroxide or amazing uses of hydrogen peroxide …Don’t you remember…don’t worry we tell you about Hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide–you can also call it as oxygen water as it has the same chemical make-up as water but with an extra oxygen atom (H2O2). It is the only germicidal agent which only contains water and oxygen and kills germs and micro organism by oxidation (burning process).

When you use Hydrogen peroxide with organic material it breaks down quickly and effectively into harmless oxygen and water means it makes it non-toxic for general use and considered to be the world’s safest all natural effective sanitizer. In fact, it is one of the lowest –cost and very handy to use. And besides these, you will be surprised at just how many ways you can use Hydrogen peroxide.

We are going to share a Top 10 amazing uses of hydrogen peroxides.


Hydrogen peroxide is the well-known method for its medicinal uses. Actually, the human body itself makes hydrogen peroxide to fight infection which must be present for our immune system. White blood cells are known as Leukocytes and these leukocytes have a subclass called Neutrophils that produce hydrogen peroxide as a defense against viruses, bacteria, parasites and toxins. Here are few commonly uses medicinal uses of hydrogen peroxide.

Cuts and infections:

Cuts and infections

This is one of the common uses of hydrogen peroxide. Suppose if you work in the kitchen and mistakenly you cut your finger with a knife what you do? Do you search for a medical store or see your doctor…hmmm well it is not the best criteria. In that case, hydrogen peroxide will go to help you. Hydrogen peroxide is effective to halt minor bleeding.

Direction to use:

Use 3% solution of hydrogen peroxides and applies directly or you can also soak your cut in that solution. You can also use this solution on your fungal or skin infections. Keep in mind do not apply hydrogen peroxide more than once because excess use may responsible for inhibiting friendly bacteria.

Canker sores:

Canker sores

Are you tired from those irritated sores and do everything to cure them but get a failure. Well, don’t worry as there is one more effective home remedy that is hydrogen peroxide which never let you down. This home remedy is a successful and inexpensive way to treat cold sores. Cold sores do not have to be a major problem for you anymore when you have this antiseptic. You can get relief from the pain that comes with the sores and also speed up their healing time.

Directions to use:

When you use hydrogen peroxide on sore don’t forget to mix it with an equal amount of water. Then use this mixture for swishing your mouth where you are affected by cold sores. And if they are located outside your mouth, then apply hydrogen peroxide solution on them using a cotton ball or swab. The most interesting thing happen when you use hydrogen peroxide on your sores you will hear a bubbling sound that means your antiseptic doing its job.

Bad breath:

Bad breath

Around 30% of world’s population is suffering from bad breath and is the most embarrassing things a person can actually suffer from. You might be very beautiful and attractive but bad breath can ruin your entire personality. Well, you are a sufferer of bad breath and can’t get rid of your bad breath- then use hydrogen peroxide as your mouthwash. Hydrogen peroxide is very healthy to kill unhealthy organism that is responsible for causing bad breath.

Direction to use:

Use 3% concentrated hydrogen peroxide and rinses your mouth for 30 seconds after every meal you have. Use Mouthwash twice a day as it prevents bacteria from growing. Hydrogen peroxide helps to kill bacteria and contributes in making the mouth smell fresh. Along with bad breath, hydrogen peroxide is also helpful to make yellow teeth white. So smile without worries!

Foot fungus:

Foot Fungus

hydrogen peroxide has antiseptic and antifungal properties. So say thanks to these properties as they are helpful to treat toenail or foot fungus.

Directions to use:

To cure a foot fungus, simply mix hydrogen peroxide and water in equal quantity and apply over infected area daily before going to bed. Next morning, wash the affected area with lukewarm water and gently scrub your foot with a soft toothbrush. Follow this remedy daily at least for a month to get rid of the infection.

Ear wax:

Ear Wax

Ear wax is not an infection, but it can certainly block your ear that put you in trouble. You may feel problem in hearing or pain in the ear which is caused by wax formation. Due to its effervescent property, hydrogen peroxide helps get rid of excess earwax accumulation as well as dust and debris from the ear.

Directions to use:

Just use hydrogen peroxide drops in your ear to loosen your wax. Mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water and fill dropper with the solution. Tilt your head sideways and put the solution. Wait for 5 minutes then tilt your head on opposite side repeat the procedure. Wipe away ear wax with a clean cloth.


How do you make your kitchen healthy? Well…may be by changing your food quality but that is not the only way to ensure a healthy kitchen. Your kitchen cleaner also plays a good role as they are helpful to kill unhealthy bacteria. So do you have hydrogen peroxide in your kitchen if not then buy it from your nearest grocery shop as it acts as a good cleansing agent for your kitchen.

Good to use in Kitchen surfaces:

Good to use in Kitchen surfaces

Once you have done with your cooking then it’s time to clean kitchen surface because we spill most of the food residues on the surface. Some are easy to remove some are difficult. If these residues do not remove immediately from kitchen surface further it may create an environment for bacteria to grow which is exactly not good for our health. So clean your counters and table tops with hydrogen peroxide to kill germs and leave them fresh.

Directions to use:

Simply mix 3% Hydrogen peroxide and water and filled your bottle with this solution and keep it in your kitchen self and whenever needed.

Clean a cutting/chopping board:

chopping board

How many of you use chopping board to cut thing? Do you wash them? Well…..washing is not sufficient to remove germs as chopping board is the place where germs can readily accumulate and especially when you use it for chopping meat or fish.

Direction to use:

Primarily rinse your cutting board with water as you all do, but after then it is necessary to spray hydrogen peroxide. This is the perfect way to kill germs and control them to get into other foods or utensils.

Add H2O2 in your dishwashers, sponges:

Add H2O2 in your dishwashers, sponges

Mostly we use dishwashers and sponges to clean dishes and to clear out surfaces. But what when we don’t clean them properly it spread germs all over our dishes and on kitchen surfaces and further they multiply and cause various health issues. So it is very important to wash them in hydrogen peroxide. This not only helps you to stay safe but also extend the lifetime of your dishwashers and sponges.

How to use this:

Soak your dishwashers and sponges in hydrogen peroxide or just spray H2O2 on them.

Clean your fruits and vegetables fresh:

Clean your fruits and vegetables fresh

We buy fruits and vegetables from the veggie market or from any store but can we really on them that they are germ-free? No, not at all…For that you can use Combination of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide make a cheap, effective and most importantly non-toxic disinfectant agent and also they are affecting in killing pathogens. As it is non- toxic you can use it cleanse cooking as well as on fruits and vegetables.

How to use it:

Combination of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide act as great detoxifying agent for your food and preserve them for the last longer. Just fill your sink with cold water and add food peroxides. Soak your veggies for 20 minutes, it not only helps to remove germs but also helps to remove chemicals and preserve freshness.

Clean your fridge:

Clean your fridge

Sometimes we observe an unpleasant smell that comes out from the refrigerator. It means it’s the time to clean your fridge. So, take out your stored spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide as this will help to remove food stains along with germs. Hydrogen peroxide also helps to neutralize odors as well.

How to use it:

Spray hydrogen peroxide outside and inside the fridge and allow it to sit for few seconds then wipe off with a clean cloth.


Apart from above given uses it is also helpful to remove different kind of stains from your cloth.

Red Wine:

Red Wine

Do you enjoying last night party? Shhhh…. don’t you want to show others? But what about your clothes…. you wore last night obviously they going to reveal your secret of enjoying party? How….well they get red wine stain. But don’t worries cover the evidence by using hydrogen peroxide…maybe he is your friend in crime.

How to do it:

Just Combining equal parts hydrogen peroxide and liquid detergent and poring over your stain. Bloat with water and wash with water and you will be safe…..! So keep it in your drawer may be for next time.

Armpits of clothes:

Armpits of clothes

Summers…..oh really too hot and sweaty. And the biggest problem is your arm sweat –this may be ruining your clothes as its stain is difficult to remove. Sometimes it is the quite embarrassing situation for us …how to cover these stains. Well, we have a solution for you and that is “hydrogen peroxide”.

What to do:

Mix one part of dish washing liquid with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and apply over the affected area. Once you apply this solution let it sit for about an hour and then rinse it with normal water.

Blood stain:

Blood stain

Hydrogen peroxide is perhaps best known as a blood stain remover. Whenever you get cut first thing you do is cover it with your cloth and then it is difficult to remove out from your cloth isn’t!

What to do:

Pour hydrogen peroxide directly onto your stain and allow it sit for about five minutes. Bloat and rinse it with cold water. Keep in mind blood stain not easy to remove so use this twice to fully lift the stain. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide act as bleach so doesn’t use it on colored clothes as it whitens your clothes –use precautions!

Get rid of odors in your clothing’s:

Get rid of odors in your clothing’s

Although we wash our clothes with proper manner but still our clothes gives musty-smelling. If same occurs with you…use one and only treatment that is hydrogen peroxide.

What to do:

You can get rid of these odors by washing your clothes with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with white vinegar. It will remove any kind of smell out from your cloth. One thing that needs to take care is –use it only for light colored cloth.


Don’t you want to look beautiful? Obvious who don’t want that isn’t. Girls you can’t believe but it is can be an essential solution for your beauty treatment. You can get Hydrogen peroxide easily in your nearest grocery shops.

Whiten your teeth:

Whiten your teeth

Remember earlier when we said you that you can use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash to get rid of bad breath? It has another main benefit of using this is teeth whitening! Remember one more thing that peroxide act as a bleaching agent which not only use to bleach your clothes but also bleach your teethes too.

What to do:

Whenever you experience little yellowishness in your teeth immediately swish your teeth with amazing hydrogen peroxide for just half a minute and spit. But keep in mind do not use hydrogen peroxide as frequently as it may lessen the intensity.

Heals and prevents acne:

Heals and prevents acne

Acne is the biggest problem among teenagers -may be due to change in their hormone lever or due to eating oily things whatever be the reason. But sometimes it is difficult to heal acne. It will act just the same way as it does on wounds, kill unwanted bacteria and cleanses the area.

What to do:

Swabbing the peroxide solution with cotton on acne prone areas, it will help to kill bacteria inside the pores and also prevent pimples from forming. Don’t overdo this method as it may kill good bacteria too.

Brightens nail color:

Brightens nail color

Do you hear the term manicure and pedicure. What are they use for? Well…these are use to enhance the beauty of your foot and hands along with nails. It is a good thing but why to spend too much money on this technique if you have the cheapest thing that does the same. Hydrogen peroxide acts as a natural whitener.

What to do:

Just soak hydrogen peroxide into the cotton ball and rub over your nails. This can lighten your nails and also brighten the appearance of your nails.

For hairs:

For hairs

Do you love to bleach your hairs…..But after some time the roots of your hairs start to show its natural color. If this happens with you dab a little amount of hydrogen peroxide and allow it to sit for about half an hour and then wash it off.  You can also use hydrogen peroxide to lighten your hair gradually. Just use a little amount of hydrogen peroxide with water and spray over your hair. Wait for it for dry and that’s it.

So what are you waiting for immediately visit your nearest grocery shop and buy 3% of hydrogen peroxide and store at your home? Get the tremendous benefits of hydrogen peroxide but don’t use them in excess. Stay healthy and happy!

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