Best Pregnancy pillows

Are you pregnant? Then surely you need to take care of yourself because it is the time when you need more care. Mostly it is seen that pregnant women’s may not sleep well , the whole night they can pass out by turning or tossing due to which they suffer from back pain, and leg cramps? So there is one comfortable way that gives pregnant women a sound sleep and that is pregnancy body pillows. Pregnancy body pillows give you much-needed support for your hips, back, and belly as well as support for knees and legs. Below we describe various types of pregnancy pillows.

To choose best maternity pillow, your first and most important step is to choose the type of pillow, which will work best for you! Each body have different requirements suppose if you have back pain then most probably you are suffering from lack of back support so you need to choose right pillows especially when you are pregnant that  actually gives you best support behind your back. It’s difficult to be pregnant, No ever tells about these pillows. They talk you about glowing skin, beautiful nails, and gorgeous hair. But don’t worry we provide you enough information that surely helps you during your hard time.

So have a look below the list of a variety of pregnancy pillows and choose according to your medical conditions.

Wedges Pillow:

Wedges Pillow

You can use small wedge-shaped pillows as it is best to support belly or your back, you can also put this pillow between your knees to support your hips. The main advantage of using the pillows is that they don’t take up much space on your bed and are usually less expensive. This is portable that means moms can carry it wherever she wants to put it.

C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow:

C-shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This type of pillow custom designed to support your whole body. C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Wrap around you and offer great support to the head neck, hips, legs, and stomach. You can lie facing the inner curve and rest your belly on the middle and head and neck on the upper portion. Tuck the lower portion of the pillow between your legs. No more tossing or turning, it will save grace during your pregnancy.

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow:

U-shaped Pregnancy pillow

This type of pillow is believed by a lot of pregnant women to be the best product because it gives support to the full body from the front as well as a backside at the same time. U –shaped pillows are best for those moms who are consistent of sleeping on their backs. In comparison to another type of pillows, these are large in size and can take up a lot of space on your bed and also expensive than other pillows. We think you are going to love this pregnancy pillow as much as we do!

L-shaped pillow:

L-Shaped pregnancy pillow

The pillow is helpful for new mothers for a number of reasons. When you sleep on your side while pregnant your growing body bump creates a pressure over your spine and resulting in lower back pain. The L-shaped body Pillow provides a supportive lift for your baby bump and removes the stress that causes you to wake up with back pain. As your baby grows you can use this pillow as a prop themselves up as they play. So, beat the struggle you can do to get the sleep.

J-shaped body pillow:

J-shape pillow cover

Same like a C-shaped pillow it is full body solution for expected mothers. They support new mothers back and also relieve them from sciatica pain. And moreover, you can tuck this pillow between your legs. Most women’s also have the problem of heartburn and other pregnancy pitfallsthis pillow also helpful for them and give them relief. Believe us sleeping on this pillow is just like you sleeping on your cloud.

Full-length Pregnancy pillows:

As its name suggests full-length means it goes along with your body, you can also call it as a body pillow. These pillows are great to cuddle but their main disadvantage is it can’t give good support to your back as other pillows do. Full-length pillows are two types:

  • Straight full-length pregnancy pillow: This pillow looks like your regular pillow as you use, they are difficult to bend or twist.

Straight- Full length pregnancy pillow

  • Flexible full-length pillows: These pillows are actually bent into any shape that you want. Flexible full-length pillows either contain microbeads and styrofoam balls.

flexible-full length pregnancy pillow

Back ‘N Belly Chick pregnancy pillow:

Back N Belly Chic pregnancy pillow

Quit turning and tossing and buy this pillow that hugs your body to support your back, belly, and head at the same time. The inner contours of this pillow were designed to follow the natural curved shape of your body. This pillow designs so cleverly that need not reposition during the nights. Your body is custom fit and you can move side to side. Pregnant women are who struggle to find a comfortable position surely they going to love Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow. Expected mothers can sleep well on these pillows and wake up without any aches.

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow:

PharMeDoc Total boy pregnancy pillow

If you are a mom to be and spends various uncomfortable nights…then you must be forgetting something. What is that? Well…. PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow is the thing that you forget while sleeping at nights. Its curvy shape makes it comfortable, it curves from the top and the bottom so you may get support for both your upper and lower body. It is very easy to mold into your desired comfortable position. During pregnancy your health is of utmost importance and choosing a right pillow with right material is beneficial. PharMeDoc pillow is completely safe from toxic compounds so you can choose this pillow without any worries.

Finding good sleep pillow is hard to do. Getting a full-cycle sleep every night is a requirement for a healthy pregnancy so for this these pillows are worth it. You may give yourself the physical comfort with the help of these pillows that your body need, that means you are sending your love to the baby in your womb satisfy him that you will always put his benefit first. Always keep in mind that a happy mommy makes a happy baby! After all, these pillows give a great reward for your baby.

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