The ovarian cancer sign you need to know if you are young

Ovarian cancer is a silent killer because it is difficult to detect. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are, unfortunately, not very specific. This may lead to delay in detection and by then it already spread a lot and reached a dangerous stage. The only way the women can protect themselves from this silent killer by being aware of the various symptoms that cause this disease.

Ovarian cancer

Symptoms of ovarian cancer:

Abdominal Bloating or Swelling:

If you have pain in your pelvic area or belly, then don’t ignore this pain as it is not normal pain or cramping. This pain lasts for 2 weeks and this pain is not related to your period or the stomach flu. Sometimes you may feel gas pain in your belly and is not go away easily. So if you are from those who feel bloating …the best way to judge this by your clothes…yes right! If your clothes fit tighter around your waist without any changes in your diet and it persists for days or even weeks..…then immediately run towards the doctor.

Lower Back Pain:

This can also cause back pain. But if you know that you are not suffering from any physical discomfort or ailment like osteoporosis, arthritis, ligament strain then it is always better to see the doctor. In this, you may notice the pain a lot in the pelvic area. This pain actually wants to give you an important message so heard that message immediately because once you skip this message you lead to a severe problem.

Full quickly:

When ovarian cancer little bit spread on your body or progressed to more advanced stages, the cancer tumor can actually sit on the surface of the stomach. This is also called as momentum that fold in the abdominal cavity and further connect the stomach to other organs. Due to these reasons individual can feel full when they eat.

Pain during intercourse:

If you suddenly feel pain during intercourse and it continues to be for more than two weeks then it is not because you doing it wrong but it may be the sign of ovarian cancer. So if you also feel this sign immediately concern your doctor. Apart from ovarian cancer it may be the cause of cervical cancer or an infection or sexually transmitted disease.

Vomiting and nausea:

Vomiting and nausea are the symptoms that are common in many diseases, so it is very difficult to find out whether it occur due to ovarian cancer or by other diseases. But if Vomiting and nausea go hand- in -hand with other symptoms of ovarian cancer like diarrhea, bloating and constipation. Then it is easy to find out, so don’t waste your more time and take proper treatment.

Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing:

Women who have ovarian cancer are most commonly suffering from Shortness of Breath. As this cancer spread to nearby areas, it can build up the fluid around the abdominal area which irritates the lining of the abdomen. This fluid further may put pressure on abdominal organs as well as the diaphragm and cause symptoms like Shortness of Breath.


Fatigue is not just mean that you can’t sleep at night or does not eating anything. It’s exactly mean low in energy even when you do nothing but still you feel tired. Actually, if you are suffering from cancer it may reduce the number of healthy red blood cells, which may further cause anemia leads to fatigue. So if you take proper rest and sleeping but still feel low in energy throughout the day talk to your doctor about your problem.

Urgent urination:

If you have constant and urgent need to pee it may lead to assume that you have urinary tract infection or may weakens pelvic floor muscles. However, it may be something more serious than you think; it may be due to ovarian cancer. Urinary changes are most likely originated due to the pressure from the tumor or by the fluid in the abdomen because of the presence of a tumor.

Vaginal Bleeding:

This is less known early warning sign for ovarian cancer to be aware of! But this sign is seen in approximately one fourth of ovarian cancer patients. Patients may found spotting and vaginal bleeding. Women may also find some other sign of vaginal abnormalities like sores or blisters in the vaginal area, change in skin color or vaginal discharge smells bad. And if you are in your 50’s it’s always beneficial to consult your doctor upon experiencing any bleeding or spotting.

Changes in Bowel Habits:

If you notice any change in your bowel habits like Constipation or diarrhea, it may be the sign of ovarian cancer. Yeah, it’s not always the cause of cancer but still checks out its cause. The sudden change in bowel habits happens when the tumor swells and puts pressure on the stomach and on the bladder. If the symptoms are persistent, frequent and unpredictable immediately call your doctor.

Natural ways to treat ovarian cancer:



According to research women who are exposed to enough sunlight have fewer chances of developing ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer actually due to Vitamin D and calcium deficiencies and sunlight is the great source to fulfill these two requirements. Make sure to get enough amount of sunlight if you want to remain healthy and cancer free.



Ginger root is an outstanding food to get rid of ovarian cancer. When researchers dissolve ginger in ovarian cancer cultures, the mutant cells died. Mostly we consume ginger in cold environment because ginger makes the body hot right! Well, it also gives one more benefit it destroy cancer cells because cancer cells cannot thrive in hot environments. Taking ginger on daily basis will actually help you remain healthy and cancer free.

What to do:

It is advised to take ginger in crushed form or as it is, or adds it to your tea. Another method is to add ginger and mix it with olive or coconut oil and massage in the abdominal region daily. So it is completely absorbed by your body.

Shiitake Mushrooms:

Shiitake Mushrooms

These Mushrooms are very much known to inhibit cancer cells in the body. This is most commonly used n Japan and most people found them beneficial for reducing the effect of cancer in their body. Capsules and extracts of Shiitake Mushrooms are available in the market for consumption.

Green tea:

Green tea

Green tea is known to reduce weight but does you know that it is also great to reduce ovarian cancer. Drinking a mere two cups per day of green tea not only give you healthy body but also keep you away from ovarian cancer. Daily one cup of green tea actually reduced 24 percent of ovarian cancer and more than one cup of green tea may reduce ovarian cancer up to 46 percent. Scientists believe the high level of antioxidants found in green tea is responsible for tremendous results. So include green tea in your daily diet, don’t choose it according to its taste chose it according to its health benefits as not all the tasty foods are good for your health.



Water is the cheapest medicine to cure various types of diseases…Do you also feel? Well, ovarian cancer patient mostly suffers in constipation and diarrhea. The only way to combat constipation and diarrhea is to drink lots of water. And if you reduce constipation ovarian cancer problem is automatically solved. So always stay hydrated by drinking enough amount of water (approx. 7-8 glasses per day).

More than 80% of women may experience one symptom of ovarian cancer at some point in her life few months before getting diagnosed. According to experts more women over the age of 55 are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. But it is not hard and fast rule sometimes younger women too- have this problem even in those you have not had their first periods yet. So whenever you feel above-given symptoms always concern your doctor it is the best thing you can do to protect yourself from cancer. Perhaps, it may not be a symptom of ovarian cancer but being aware is the best weapon against cancer. If these are symptoms of cancer then it is best for you as you detect them in their early stages. So, stay healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest without any worries!

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