Liquid Diets

Liquid diets are popular because they are easy to follow. When it comes to losing weight and, a regular workout or exercise routine won’t work. You will have to take it a step further and take care of your diet in order to lose weight. Everyone should not go without water but can do without solid foods. So liquid diets are easy and friendly and balance you by both physically and mentally.

Types of liquid diet

There are two types of Liquid diet

1) Clear liquid diet

2)Full liquid diet



Clear liquids maintain vital body fluids such as salt and minerals.This diet is clear and transparent fluid and these are easily absorbed by the body. Foods that are involved in this category are energy drinks, tea or coffee without milk or cream.
Sample meal plan for clear liquid diet:

Breakfast 8 ounces Pulp free orange juice

1 cup Cherry gelatin

6-8 ounces Beverage of choice

Hot tea with lemon

Mid-morning snack Grape juice

Raspberry gelatin

Lunch Apple juice

Chicken broth


1 cup fruit ice



8oz. clear fruit juice

1 cup gelatin

Carbonated beverage




Cherry gelatin

Iced water


Evening snack Lime gelatin

1 cup fruit ice


Recommended Foods for clear liquid diet:


Fruit juices with no pulp
Sports drink and soda drinks
Coffee or tea without cream


Chicken or Beef broth


Hard candies
Flavored ices
Sugar Gelatin



Full liquid diet possesses more calories than a clear liquid diet. This diet is generally advised for people who cannot eat solid foods.

We provide sample meal for the day:


Foods for full liquid diet are : You can exchange these diet accordingly.

Foods for full liquid diet


Note: Full liquid diet may be full of proteins and calories but low in vitamins (vitamin B12, vitamin A, and thiamine), minerals and fibers.
Do not go on a liquid diet if you are pregnant, underweight or lactating.
Do not begin liquid diet without consulting a doctor.
During this diet do not allow any solid diet only liquids are allowed.

Liquids diet benefits:

Weight Loss:

During liquid fast you naturally consume fewer calories which lower down the weight of the body. You may also experience a reduction in food cravings and also and increased metabolism during a liquid fast.

Improved Organ Function:

In liquid diet most of Fresh vegetable and fruit juices which contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. This diet mainly plays an important role in the destruction of aged and dying cells and speed up the building of new healthy cells.


A liquid diet is very useful to remove out all toxins and metabolic wastes out from your body. The constant supply of liquids in the body may cleanse the digestive tract of mucous and accumulated waste.

Side effects:

Sometimes you may experience certain side effects of liquid diet.

Liquid diet is an excellent idea for cleansing body and promoting good health. It’s well worth a try for the many benefits it offers you. This diet has little bit side effects but the good news is that none of these side effects are serious enough to require medical intervention.

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