A Helpful (and Realistic) Way to Manage Your Post-Election Emotions

When elections are finally over. People feeling out of control that can cause various types of symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and fear. Recently Donald Trump is elected as a president of United States. While about half of the country is celebrating Donald Trump’s victory, many others are facing feelings stress and disappointment. In few cases even if you are satisfied with elections, you still don’t know what life will be like with the changes ahead. So if you are one of them who wants to manage their stress, below some points that may soften your situation:

Way to Manage Your Post-Election Emotions

Way to Manage Your Post-Election Emotions

Turn off the TV news:

If you get anxiety more easily than others then stop watching the news on TV. Instead of watching TV, consider reading your newspaper. The paper news is very different from Television media. It does not give you emotional experience. This idea is to work good for anxious people but still if you want watching TV just listen to headlines at the beginning and at the end of the day.

Use a mantra:

Sometimes just chanting few inspiring words can help to ground you. When thoughts are freaking out continuously in your mind, the mantra will bring out more peace. Don’t underestimate the power of words that we tell ourselves. For example you can chant “OM” word as many times you can, alternatively, you can also write this in the notebook. This may be shifting your mind from what’s causing it to panic.

Throw some punches:

This is the best thing you can do….from this method all your anger drain out with every punch you throw. Wait –Wait we do not mean to throw a punch over your family or friends….our mean is a punching bag. Boxing affects you mentally and gives you a little extra confidence to go about life with a different perspective. So if you don’t have punching gloves or bag it’s better to buy them if you are anxious about something.

Focus on your breath:

A few deep breaths can go a long way in calming your mind and body down. To get breathing you can do meditation, yoga or simply sit in the park and start breathing fresh air. This wills really good method for relaxing your mind. Even just five –ten minute of mindful breathing can do wonder to reduce stress and calm your nerve system.

Know when you need professional help:

Anxiety and depression are so common that almost everyone experiences them at some point or another. You only concerning when they start to impact your daily life. So before treating yourself by your own, it is always a good idea to get a checkup. And whenever you feel the urge to hurt yourself or others, it’s time to seek professional.

Take a cannabis supplement:

Cannabis is the most used supplement to overcome your anxiety. Just combine natural cannabinoids with terpene molecules for better results. But do not take them without getting the permission from doctors. This supplement is the fast soother for a high level of stress and anxiety. When deep breath or any other method can’t work well then at that time Cannabis comes as a start element.

Practice gratitude:

According to neuroscience people can’t have both fear and gratitude in their minds at the same time. So doing some kind of gratitude can definitely be helpful. Call a loved one and appreciate them and about their work. Spend some time to make a thankful list. Somehow these strategies won’t solve all of the country’s challenges nor will they erase your anger or anxieties. We can’t say that you can get rid of these feelings but these strategies will give peaceful mind.

Get back to your normal routine:
The last but not the least advice we want to give you is start your life again Like start going to gym again, make your breakfast, ready for an office, go for outing, make dinner and do whatever they would on a normal day. This can help to give them control and provide a distraction over something they cannot. Just stick to things that work best for you.

If your candidate didn’t win the election last night, your mind full of negative thoughts and judgments. But the reality is that future is not in our hands so let it go. Yeah…we know today is tough; Let yourself be shocked and sad but care also important so take care of yourself.

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