How to get rid of underarm smell from clothes

Are you sad because your favorite sweatshirt stinks and even on washing you can’t eliminate the smell? Most of the time normal washing does not work well. And when normal washing does not work well most probably you start searching about How to get rid of the underarm smell from clothes, either on internet or in a home-remedy books. And you take different approaches to eliminating difficult body odor. But the main cause of underarm smell on cloth is your sweat . If you are regular to gym or exercising than most probably you may trigger by unwanted smell because you may sweat a lot while exercising. Sure, exercising can make you stronger, happier and healthier. But it can also make you stink.

Underarm smell is one of the embarrassing things that people don’t want to talk about. But this is a natural process and you are not the one who have this problem, so don’t hesitate to talk about this. Sometimes underarm disorder is so severe that it left stinky smell on your clothes even after going through several washes.​

Home remedies to remove underarm odor: 

Aspirin and Cream of Tartar:

Aspirin and cream of tartar
Take non-coated aspirin tablets with a cup of warm water and a tablespoon of cream of tartar probably you find them in your kitchen cupboard. Scrub the solution into the underarm area with an old toothbrush, and then allow the mixture to remain on the garment for at least 20 minutes. Then wash your piece of cloth as usual. If smell still not gone Repeat once again.

Warm water and baking soda:

Warm water and baking soda
Put your clothes in a laundry basin, sink or in a tub. Add enough amounts of hot water in two cups of baking soda to the basin. Stir them well until soda dispersed into the water. Let your clothes soak in the mixture of water and baking soda for a couple hours or for overnight. Keep in mind to separate out colored or non-colored clothes.



If you have a stench on your clothes and confused what to do then just use vodka . vodka is the best to prevent the growth of bacteria. If you have vodka in your home Mix it with water (until the contents are at least 70 percent vodka and 30 percent water) and add it into a spray bottle. Apply this spray on your stinky clothes and you’ll surprised by how much of the stench just disappears.

Rubbing Alcohol Method:

Alcohol is very effective method to kill the bacteria that are responsible for producing the smell and at the end alcohol kills the smell. Unfortunately, this method is not working to remove the stain out from clothes. Wash the clothes and dry them normally. Pour 4 cups of rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. Spray the solution over the underarm area of cloth until it is well soaked. Wait for alcohol to dry, once your cloth is dried smell should have disappeared.


The antibacterial hydrogen peroxide that we used will kill any bacteria causing an odor . Same like alcohol hydrogen peroxide is not effective to remove stains from clothes, only helpful to remove odor.
To make this solution add 6 cups of undiluted 3% antibacterial hydrogen peroxide and pour into a bucket or sink whatever you use for soaking. Soak your smelly clothes in this solution for few hours or for overnight. Wash your clothes with hands or with washing machine whatever method you use for washing your clothes follow that. Please check the smell before drying the garment. If odor is still not removed  after this method . Soak your cloth again for more 3 hours, wash it again and dry it normally.

Dishwasher Detergent:

Dishwasher detergent
This is another method to remove out the underarm smell from clothes. Simply add 1/2 cup of dishwasher detergent with the regular amount of laundry detergent in a bucket which is full of warm water. Soak your cloth but make sure the garment’s tag not warns against hot water use. Wash your clothes. If still, the smell does not go another method is to make a paste of dishwasher detergent with a little amount of water. Rub this solution on the underarm area and allow it to sit for few hours. Then wash it again, this is the perfect method to remove stains along with unwanted odor.


We really underestimate the power of the sun and fresh air but both works well when it comes to removing underarm odor. After washing your clothes doesn’t dry them in a dryer. Instead  of dryer put them under the sunlight and give the natural process of drying. This is the natural process used since ancient times. Don’t allow colored garments for a long time in bright sunlight, as the sun can fade clothing.


This is known as a powerful odor neutralizer and also one of the best ingredient to get rid of obstinate smells. Undiluted white vinegar will probably solve the problem. Fill the washing machine with water, the add 1/3 cup of vinegar. Turn your cloth inside out and soak the garment for at least 10 minutes. Wash the cloth as usual or you can use an old toothbrush to slightly rub the vinegar into the stain. After washing dry your clothes under sunlight. Alternatively, you can also mix vinegar with baking soda (2 cups of vinegar and 1/2 cup of baking soda.) Soak your garment in this solution, wash them, and dry them naturally.


Regular table salt or pickling salt is a miraculous ingredient you can use for various purposes other than cooking. Try a salt solution to remove unpleasant underarm odors from your clothing. Add several spoonfuls of table salt in a bucket or bowl of warm water. Then soak the affected garments and then do laundry as usual. Alternatively, you can also add lemon with salt and rub it on affected area to clean the stain as well as unpleasant odor.


Ammonia yet another method that will useful to remove underarm smell from clothes. Ammonia actually has a strong smell that is toxic to the lungs. So keep your laundry room ventilated. Put your clothes in the washing machine and start a cycle by adding just add a cup of ammonia. On the second cycle add detergent only. Wash them as usual and hang your clothes in the sun. Never mix anything like bleach or detergent as it creates a gas which is harmful to your lungs.

Hope the question “How to get rid of underarm smell on clothes”  may be clear now. So use any of these natural remedies and make your favorite piece of cloth stain or smell free. Next time whenever you come across with this question ……you may know how to deal with it.

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