How to get rid of Sleepiness

How many of you love to sleep? Well ….in today’s busy world most people love to sleep whenever they feel free but can’t. But behind their extra sleep, there are various reasons like tiredness, fatigue, less energy, whether you couldn’t catch enough sleep at night or maybe you have been partying the whole night. And you might want to know some tips on How to get rid of Sleepiness when you are feeling sleepy and tired. Mostly, for those who work in offices or children who study in school and they have to complete their assigned task, for that they have to stay awake no matter what the reason.

Have a look at the list on How to get rid of Sleep so that you can carry on with your duties.

How To Get Rid Of Sleepiness

Making few lifestyle changes: 

Drink plenty amount of water:

As you know water is a universal solvent and useful to fix up most ailments. Drinking water regularly throughout your day provides you energy in no time. Often times we feel sleepy because of fatigue, tiredness or laziness due to nothing but because of dehydration. So drink a glass of water as you wake up early in the morning that is enough to kick start your metabolism. But this is not enough you have to drink enough amount of water throughout the whole day.

Eat breakfast:

Most people those have fat on their body or they are on their way to lose their fat…….possibly first thing they do is “missed their breakfast” as they believe this is one of the effective method to reduce their weight . But in reality somehow they may Cut their weight but mentally or physically they become Weak. Moreover, They start losing their and always feel tired or sleepy. This all because they skip their breakfast “the most useful meal” to boost metabolism. So don’t skip your breakfast as it is the golden meal of the day. The nutrients present in your breakfast will energize you throughout the day. So get up early make a nutritious breakfast and see the tremendous results and don’t worry eating breakfast does not mean you gain weight.

Eat frequently:

You may be from those people who consume big meals 3 times a day but that meals are too heavy due to which you may feel sleepy. So manage these three large meals into 5-7 smaller meals throughout the day. This will keep your blood sugar levels from plummeting and also these small meals provide enough amounts of vitamins and nutrients that keep you energetic and more focused.

Exercise more often:

The only thing that has changed the life of millions of people overages is ‘exercise’. Put your shoes; tie your shoelaces and getting up on your feet and start doing exercise. Even 10 minutes exercise going to give you benefit. Exercise actually limits your exhaustion and improves your blood circulation level and keeps you energetic for the whole day.

Get some sun rays:

Yeah as sun rays are not good for our skin …But if you don’t get enough amount of sun that gives you Vitamin D it may lower your energy level that makes you sleepier. So get some sun rays to get vitamin D which give you a boost of energy. You can also do one thing do your exercise under sun rays so that you may kill two birds with one stone! Keep in mind to avoid sunscreen when you go out to gain Vitamin D.

Take deep breaths:

A breathing technique also helps you to stay awake and the first thing you should do in the morning, take some deep breath through your nose and pull your belly toward your diaphragm. Doing this for a minute or longer will help wake up your brain and de-fog your thoughts. If you work and feel sleepy open the window and allow fresh air to enter and breath.

Listen to upbeat music:

Music has a huge effect on mood and mental state. Listening to upbeat music that gets you tapping your feet will help you to feel alerted within few seconds. Avoid listening relaxed, sad or classical songs as you may feel sleepier. Whenever you feel like catching some Z’s, try putting on some of your favorite upbeat tunes. So stay tunes and enjoy music and feel energetic.

Do cold water splash:

This sounds simplistic but it but it works remarkably good. Whenever, you start to feel sleepy just splash cold water on your face. The logic behind this therapy is that sudden temperature change that will not only wake you up but also improve blood circulation level. This should also improve your overall mental focus and keep your energy level high. If possible allow your wet face to dry in from of fan will certainly wake you up quickly.

Adjust your caffeine intake:

Most people don’t start their morning without taking a cup of coffee this is because it actually kicks start their day. But that does not right your coffee intake actually slow down your energy level. So if possible reduce your coffee intake to 2-3 cups or can take green tea rather than coffee as green tea is good Fight against your stress. Polyphenols present in green tea help to promote better sleep.

Deal with stress:

If you have a messy desk or have an argument with your boss, colleagues or lots of pressure of work over you to do. It could be stressing you out and making you more tired and sleepy as you normally would be. So manage your stress just to improve your mental health as well as keep you focused throughout the day.

Few more Tips:

Take a 20-minute power nap after lunch this might sound ironic but this is the best answer to how to not feel sleepy.

Try 20 minutes of meditation before bedtime for a good night’s rest.

Keep your workplace bright, clean and uncluttered.

Chewing sugar-free gum during the day will surely help to stay away from sleepiness.

Avoid junk foods, sugar, and foods high in saturated fats, such as typical fast food.

Include more herbs such as ginger and cayenne pepper to boost up your metabolism.

If you feel sleepy doing something switches your hand to something else.

Take short breaks to refresh the mind.

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