Foods to Eat After a Morning Run

Most people start their morning with running but they don’t consume anything before or after running because they think that if they consume meal after running they put all their hard work in water. But believe us this is a big myth …After running , you not only burn a lot of calories but it will make you breathless and exhausted and moreover, they  lost lots of energy out from your body , so it is important to gain them back for healthy living.

There are some healthy foods to eat after a morning run that will make you energetic after a long run.

Foods to eat after a morning run:  

Chicken Breast:

chicken Breast

Chicken breasts are filled with classic lean protein. Chicken breasts are very low in calories and examine to be the healthiest meat options for any meal of the day. Its main benefit is it is easy to prepare. You can do one thing cook it before going for a walk or jog. Moreover  it is consider that breakfast is the important meal and that should be heaviest meal. So consume Chicken breasts and take its amazing benefits with time.



If you love seafood than Salmon is the best food to eat. Salmon is rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is good for your health so consuming this food after exercise is a good option. Either you can prepare salmon with a baked potato and with boiled potatoes. According to experts if you cook salmon fillets with rice or whole grain pasta, it will keep you charged for a long time. Salmon is very good for your brain function and also decrease the cognitive decline among older people.



Vegetables are packed with lots of minerals, vitamins, proteins that provide energy to support a healthy living. When you do exercise you lost lots of energy from your body, so to regain it consume and keep your body fit. Eating vegetables is a healthy idea to kick starts your day. Some suggested vegetables you can opt for are: broccoli, spinach, carrots, and lettuce. If you love to eat sandwiches you can add cucumber and tomato or you can also add boiling egg as it is packed with lots of proteins.



Yoghurt is the rich amount of protein and also great for your overall health. Even most of the athletes consume Greek yogurt after their workout sessions. Greek yogurt is well known for lean muscles and boosting the metabolic rate that helps you burn more calories. Taking yogurts after a long morning run provides the body with so much energy and contributes to a healthy life.

Fruit salad:

Fruit Salad

who don’t like fruits? Well, fruits are sweet, juicy and a great source of Vitamins. Eating fruits after a run can add a great waooo to your health.If you take our advice ….we suggest you to consume more and more apples, grapefruit, oranges and blackberries because they are high in antioxidants . According to experts if you add fruits in your diet nothing is good apart from fruits for the breakfast .Most importantly if you add kiwis and grapes in your diet (rich in fiber) are helpful to maintain healthy blood pressure and improve health of heart.



Most people suffering from cholesterol, body fat and many more diseases and they don’t know what is beneficial for them for long run…. Then take a chill pill! We have a solution for that also… consume oats after a run or exercise. Oats are considered to be the ideal meal for runners as they contain a lot of proteins, fibers, carbohydrates and contain rich fiber content that will make you full . So what are you thinking buy oats today so that you can add this tomorrow morning in your diet, you can also add some flavors into it by adding fruits into it.



Almonds are rich in antioxidants that may control the high level of cholesterol in the body. If you take this after running it will make you energize and strong.It may be too small dish to have for breakfast just you have to do one thing add almonds in a bowl of cornflakes or a glass of milkshake. Along with almonds, you can also have some dried fruits or nuts , so pack them in your bag that you going to take for a gym. After exercise consume handful of nuts as it is good source of proteins and dried fruits. Moreover these are good source of carbohydrates that are easy to digest.



Most people have a bad opinion when it comes to carbohydrate because it is a major source of calories. Besides this it is good for those who love morning walk or run as they need enough amount of energy to kick start their day. Banana is a healthiest sources of carbohydrate that will provide your lost energy back and make you energetic. Prefer to drink banana shake by adding skimmed milk or you can also add some fruits in it like strawberries.

Benefits of eating these Foods after morning Run: 

Chicken breast is a good source of Selenium that lowers the risk of arthritis during the later stages of life.

Salmon consider best food for your brain functioning. It actually reduces the cognitive functions among the older people.

Banana actually eaten by athletes after their workouts. This is because Banana packed with vitamin, mineral, and carbohydrates just to enhance strength.

Fruits that are mention above are actually high in antioxidants and fiber to solve health issues (heart and blood pressure)

Oats is a rich source of fibers so that it is helpful for reducing cholesterol level among individual.

Greek yogurt contains proteins and is helpful to boost metabolic rates and burn more calories.

Almonds are good for your skin and keep you far away from life-threatening diseases with the constant supply of Vitamin and minerals.

So what you have in your breakfast after exercise? Does any of above given items are equivalent with your current intake of foods? Well…if not then it’s time to change your diet. So stay fit!

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