A complete guide about Brain tumors

Do you have knowledge about brain tumors? If “No” then let gain some information. A brain tumor actually is a collection of a soft, spongy mass of abnormal cells in your brain. Most commonly brain tumors develop from cells that usually support the nerve cells of the brain.

brain tumor

Brain cells categorized as below:

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary.

A primary brain tumor originates in your brain. Many primary brain tumors are benign.

A secondary brain tumor, also known as a metastatic brain tumor, occurs when cancer cells spread to your brain from another organ such as from lungs, kidney, skin, and breasts.

Some brain tumors contain cancer and others don’t:


This type of brain tumor does not contain cancer cells:
Generally, these tumors may be removed moreover, they seldom grow back.
Cells from benign tumors rarely invade tissues around them. This tumor does not spread on other parts of the body.
Benign sometimes may become Malignant and can be life threatening.


These brain tumors contain cancerous cells.
Malignant brain tumors are generally more serious and often life-threatening
These tumors grow rapidly and multiply easily.
Malignant tumors rarely spread beyond the brain or spinal cord.

Symptoms of Brain tumor:

  • The Symptoms of a brain tumor depends on tumor type, size, and location. Symptoms triggers when a tumor presses the nerve or harms a part of the brain. Also, they will be caused once the tumor blocks the fluids that flow round the brain. You’ll have noticeable symptoms when a growing tumor is putting pressure on your brain tissue.
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • New onset of seizures
  • Headaches are a common symptom of a brain tumor. It may worse especially in the morning.
  • Trouble talking or change in speech, vision (abnormal eye movements)or hearing.
  • Changes in personality, mood or ability to concentrate
  • Problems with memory (unable to learn small things)
  • Numbness or tingling in the arms or legs.
  • Muscle weakness, which is more evident on one side of the body than another.
  • Fits are one of the most common symptoms of brain tumors.

Most often above given symptoms not solely caused by brain tumor, may be these symptoms trigger by alternative health problems. If you have these symptoms it is always best to consult your doctor he will provide your best guidance.

Causes of brain tumor: 

Age and Gender:

People of all ages have the risk of getting brain cancer. But tumor may increase with increasing your age. According to researchers man is more prone to brain disease than women.

Family history:

It is a rare cause of brain tumor that runs in a family. A small portion of brain tumors occurs in people with a family history of brain tumors or a family history of genetic syndromes that may increase the risk of brain tumor.

Medical Conditions:

Neurofibromatosis, Gorlin syndrome, AIDS , Turcot syndrome are more prone to Cancer.


If you had already take your first radiation treatments then soon it increases your probabilities of developing cancer.

Other unproven causes:

Mobile phones, Smoking, alcohol, hair dye and other chemicals, harmful UV rays was one of the major causes of skin cancer.

DNA Mutation:

Cancer occurs when a cell loses its ability to diet means they become immortal. The cells continue to multiplying quickly at a great speed. These abnormal cells do not find a location to move so they start creating bumps or tumors. Soon these cells also infect other cells and make them cancerous.


If you have symptoms that suggest a brain tumor, then the doctor will give you a physical exam or also ask questions regarding your personal and family history.

Neurological exams:

First of all doctors will evaluate the symptoms by asking personal and family health history, Furthermore they look at their vision, hearing capacity muscle strength and coordination just to check for swelling. It’s because tumor may  press nerve tissues that actually connects  with your eye and the brain.

Computed tomography (CT) scan:

This Scan is also refereed as CAT scan and has ability to find out cancer symptoms. This scan uses an X-ray machine to create 3-dimensional image of the inside of the body and easily seen by your naked eye. Sometimes, the doctor will inject a special dye into a vein just to make the tumor more visible.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI):

This test uses a powerful magnet, radio waves, and computer to create pictures of the brain. MRI creates a better image than CT scan . Same as CT scan doctors inject dye into patient’s vein or few doctors given this dye in the form of pills to swallow this only to make tumor more visible.

Positron emission tomography (PET) scan:

It is basically known as nuclear medicine imaging test that uses a form of radioactive glucose and can be significantly improve the accuracy.PET scan create an images of body metabolism and function and can also used to assess abnormal functioning of cells and organs.

You doctor if possible may ask you for more test:

An Angiogram examines the blood supply to the area that being scanned ,but this treatments is not done very often for brain tumors,sometimes it is used when tumor is growing very deep. For this test a dye injected into blood vessels and further viewed on x-ray sheet.


It is a surgical treatment during which small amount of tumor tissue is removed and then send it to a science lab for a surgeons to review . A biopsy is the only sure way to diagnose a brain tumor.


People with brain tumors have several treatment options. The options for brain treatments are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. And most of the people may get the combination of treatments.


Surgery is the first treatment for most brain tumors. Before starting surgery, doctors provide general anesthesia and moreover your scalp been shaved. The surgeon makes an incision in your scalp and tries to remove tumor out from your brain with the help of a special type of saw to remove a piece of bone from the skull. After the tumor is removed, the surgeon covers the opening of the skull with the piece of bone or with a piece of metal or fabric and closed the incision in the scalp. For few days you may fell headache but after that you are absolutely fine.

Radiation Therapy:

Radiation therapy kills brain tumor cells with high energy gamma rays, x-rays or protons. People who do not undergo surgery doctors recommend them radiation therapy instead. There is external and internal type of radiation therapy:

  • External radiation therapy: External radiations directly done on the tumor sometimes this type of radiation therapy also directed to the spinal cord. The treatment is only perform according to type and size of the tumor. Treatments are usually 5 days a week for several weeks.
  • Internal radiation therapy: This is not commonly used for treating brain tumors. In this therapy, a seed is placed inside the brain(Don’t remove these seeds when your treatment is ongoing) and  then provide radiation therapy  for months . This treatment has some side effects like nausea and tiredness.


Chemotherapy is the process which may uses drug to kill cancer cells and sometimes it can also be used to treat brain tumors. There are following ways to insert drugs:

  • By mouth or vein:If you are suffering from cancer , chemotherapy is best treatment that you can take after radiation therapy.You can take this treatment either by mouth and vein, Drugs directly enter into the bloodstream and travel throughout the body.You may also notice Few side effects that associated with this therapy include nausea and vomiting, headache, weakness, and fever.
  • Wafers that are put into the brain: When you are suffering from high-grade glioma, surgeons infuse several wafers into the brain. After several weeks wafers dissolve and releasing drugs into the brain and these drugs are responsible for killing cancer cells.

Hope you all get detailed information regarding Brain tumor (most common health issue).So Be aware from this life threatening diseases and prevent yourself and your family from it. Have a Happy life!

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