These Bedtime Habits Will Help You Lose Weight!

Most people do lots of exercises, workouts, physical activities, dieting and what not. But after so much of hard work that they get their desired results right! but why so much of hard work when the easiest method is here to provide you desired results…….Yeah, you read right “easiest method”…. that actually gives you the better night sleep. Okay-Okay we know it sounds weird but is the best method to incorporate. A proper sleep and some bedtime habits can help you to shed some kilos and can also help you to stay in shape.

The best or simplest way to reduce weight ……is the way how you sleep, the way you are relaxed and also what you do before sleeping all really matters. A relaxed good night sleep actually helps in restoring and regulating all functions of hormone ion your body. Surprised Right! So instead of working out follow below-given Tips and there you go….sweet dreams!

Bedtime habits to lose weight:

A glass of milk:

Glass of milk

People have lots of myths about consuming milk and dairy products at night, even drinking warm milk before going to bed can help you to lose weight. Well, just a glass of milk really gives good results? Yes ….this is because milk contains a protein known as casein which is helpful to build up more lean muscle while you sleep.  If late night munchies are a common habit then we give you advice to take cheese or dairy. These products are actually Packed with protein and is useful to reduce your hunger pangs.

Sleep in Dark:

Sleep in Dark

Most people actually afraid of dark and can’t sleep without some light. So they open their window so that it constantly throws some light. The reason behind this is that the body produces the melatonin hormone that helps you to sleep and produce calorie-burning fat. Studies have shown that people who sleep in the darker room are less likely to be overweight as compared to those who sleeping in lighter rooms. So if you live on a bright street, immediately get curtains to hang over your windows. Otherwise, sleep mask also does a great job to give you relaxed sleep.

Don’t eat after 8 pm:

Don’t eat after 8 pm

Most people especially who are working most probably enjoy after 8 pm either it would be a dinner, or going for parties and they prefer to eat those foods that are full of empty calories. This is not a good habit before going to bed, so it’s better not to eat after 8 pm or eat something that is low in calories and high in proteins.

Sleep on time:

Sleep on time

Do you hear old saying “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Just follow this statement because when you sleep, your body gets more rest. So instead of wasting your time on your TV show, go to bed on time. Surely you will soon notice amazing curve in your waistline and also it will help your health and well being.

Adjust Room Temperature:

Adjust Room Temperature

Set a temperature according to your need before drifting off to your dreamland. It’s always best to turning down temperature that will ramp up your body’s metabolism and helps to burn out extra fat.

Do some bedtime yoga: 

Do some bedtime yoga

Exercise always is the best choice to solve a health issue. Exercise helps to keep your body relaxed and greatly affect your sleep quality. Mostly it is best to include breathing or stretching exercises as it relaxes your muscles and keeps your metabolism going.

Eating pepper:

Eating pepper

Scientific studies have shown that peppers have great fat burning qualities which are useful to metabolize your body while you sleep. Add pepper in your diet before going to bed if your aim is to reduce weight.

Put your phone away:

Put your phone away

Most people use their electronic device just before going to bed although this not only bad for your eyes but also disturb your sleep. The reason behind this is  that it keep you awake whole night . Moreover, the light which emitted by these phones can influence your ZZZsssss. So leave your phone in your leaving room, your life partner also thanks to you for this.

Have some “Me” time:

Have some “Me” time

Sound wired but it really works, before going to bed take out some quality time to yourself that will lead to de-stress. you can also prefer to do meditation and yoga which is helpful to remove your stress . For example, try to take a walk beside seashore or play music that you like the most.

If you are overweight, we can’t say you to rely on this method completely. Along with it, try little bit exercises, proper diet because this is only applicable for beginning weight gainers. For overweight people, little more effort needs to add.

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