9 Fascinating Things Your Body Does in Self-Defense

The human body have complex structures that cannot easily understood . The human body system compromised of various self-defense mechanisms and surprisingly we don’t know about them. This mechanism actually prevents us from physical harm and helps us lead a healthy life.

Here are 9 Fascinating Things Your Body Does in Self-Defense.




The main purpose of Yawning is to cool down the brain once it becomes overloaded and overheated.  When you yawn the powerful stretching of the jaw occurs that leads to increasing blood flow in the neck, face, and head. Moreover, a deep intake of breath forces a downward flow of spinal fluid and blood from the brain.



Usually, we sneeze because our nasal passage is filled with lots of allergens, microbes, irritants and dust. Sneezing is the good natural mechanism to getting rid of this trash. Most people also sneeze as they eat a big meal or when they are just exposed to sunlight. This process is powerful as it travels at a speed of 100 miles per hour and spread lots of diseases. That why covering your mouth while sneezing recommended.



When we eat large piece of meal ,eat quickly without chewing our meal or do overeating. All these factors can lead to hiccups because our pneumogastric (linked with stomach and diaphragm) nerve become irritated. You can also take hiccups as a natural mechanism to protect your stomach and diaphragm.



you may observe Goosebumps in different situations, but they are also a part of self-defense. Goosebumps help to keep the body warm in inhospitable climatic conditions. When you get Goosebumps occur due to the contraction of arrector pili muscles situated around the hairs in the dermis of the skin. This not only appear in inhospitable climatic conditions but also when you feel intense emotions such as love, happiness or shock.



Most people do stretching first thing in the morning after wake up, it is an instinctive act which can prepare our body for the physical loads. Moreover, it also works to restores the blood flow and also improves the mood of the person. So whenever your body doing stretching that means you are ready to start your day with full energy.



Tears actually helps to protect your eyes or mucous membrane from foreign objects. The scientist believes that in stressful situations the body creates a new, powerful source of irritation in order to distract a person from the pain they’re currently experiencing.

Skin gets wrinkled in water:

Skin gets wrinkled in water

Do you ever notice when you work in water for a long time, wrinkles automatically appears on the tip of your hand. Why does this happen? Most people assumed that the water is responsible for situation. But in reality, it’s an autonomic nervous system reaction . That means it makes easier for your hand to pick up wet objects with wrinkly fingers just like a car tire. How intelligent our brain is…..Right! That understands that in a water environment might be slippery.



When you blink, your eyes get covered with the layer of tears and water that lubricant your eyes and prevent chafing on your eyes. If you can’t blink your eyes it can lead to dry, irritated eyes, blurry vision or sore eye. Moreover, when you constantly stare at your phone, computer screen or on a TV screen chances of eye damage will increases. Don’t underestimate the power of blinking or never ever interfere in its working. This is because it protects your eyes from getting strained and irritated.



When you are suffering from cut or wound, your skin is vulnerable to attack by bacteria and microorganism that can enter through the wound. To protect your body to protect against infection your body develops a scab in order to quickly close the wound. Scab is the web of fibrin that consists of platelets to aid wound healing.



Fever is another nonspecific defense mechanism of the body in response to numerous traumas. It actually raises the body temperature to reduce the replication of viruses and pathogens. When the virus and bacteria attack the body and cause injury to the tissues, the immune system responds by producing chemicals that regulate body temperature.

These are just a few reasons why you should be very grateful to your body as your body protects you from various diseases. So whenever you get time to relax don’t overstress your body…just close your mind and calm down.

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