7 Foods That Actually Make You Hungrier

Always feeling hungry? Then you should eat. But after eating still you feel hungry. What’s the reason behind this- there are certain foods that can cause you to feel hungrier, the more you eat, the hungrier you feel?  So whenever you going to choose a meal for your diet always select one that makes you full for hours and keeps you satisfied. Questions may bombard in your mind-What are these foods? What foods should you avoid when you’re trying to get the most for your hunger buck? Well here are 7 foods that actually make you hungrier – and you may feel like you’re running on empty—even when your stomach is stuffed.

Foods That Actually Make You Hungrier:

Whole-wheat bread:

Whole-wheat bread

Many of the foods that cause us to be hungry right after we’ve eaten them are refined, overly processed, and stripped of the benefits of fiber. Whole-wheat bread is actually high in fiber . If you want to give your bread more staying power then just swap out little jam or peanut butter because they are packed with healthy fats, like nut butter, eggs, or avocado. We recommend you to eat more fiber because foods that rich in fiber slows the absorption of the foods we eat from the stomach into the bloodstream. If you eat low fiber food they actually travel quickly through the stomach into the bloodstream and may also increase your insulin level which ends up with weight gain and other serious health problems. So always eat that food that speeds up the insulin response and ends up making us hungrier in the long-term.

Fruit or fruit juices:

Fruit or fruit juices

Fruits loaded with lots of vitamins, fibers, and minerals. Fruits may have nutritional benefits, but fruits usually not going to suppress your appetite. So whenever you make a plan to eat fruits on breakfast drop that idea. There is a lot of sugar in fruits and fruit juice that rise blood sugar level –bringing you hungrier. Instead, using whole fruit and mix them in a protein powder, healthy fats or with nut butter just to balance blood sugar level. You can also make your own juice at home by adding lots of green and add flavors like lemon, carrot, and ginger. The subtle sweetness of the juice and won’t spike sugar levels.



Yogurt sounds like good breakfast choice as it is rich in calcium, protein and also contain probiotic which is good bacteria for your body’s immune system. But a flavored cup of Yogurt is not going to make you feel satisfied even if you have in your last spoonful. So instead of flavored or non-fat Yogurt opt for a plain Greek Yogurt as it has twice the protein, also add few fruit, nuts, and seeds for additional fiber and antioxidants. This food actually touted as healthy snacks, but it unable to satisfied us as there is not chewing process is involved. Without chewing process our body often times does not feel satisfied. So add few chopped walnuts, berries or nuts on the top so you have found something to chew. This will most probably make you full.

Egg as a food:

Eggs as a food

Egg white generally contain three to four gram of proteins but on the other hand it is low in calories and fat-free. As we discuss earlier that fibers are actually responsible for making your stomach full and egg do not contain fiber- That means you won’t end up feeling satisfied for very long. So make an omelet with veggies and sprinkle cheese or a few avocado slices and some fruit that will make you feel full.



Okay we know that alcohol is not a food but we only going to tell you that it makes you hungrier. Alcohol actually depletes your body’s carbohydrate because excess consumption of alcohol actually causing you to crave carbs to replace the stores of glycogen. One drink is perfectly fine with dinner but having more than that lowers inhibition and you can’t stick to healthy foods. So be sure whenever you start boozing try to eat something healthy before you start drinking or have some nuts along with your drink.



Don’t get us wrong…..we do not mean to stop eating green leafy vegetables. But taking it in a proper way is important that will actually satisfy your stomach. The salad is healthy but it won’t be good in making your stomach full, after eating this salad you may again searching something to eat. So whenever you make salad keep in mind first to add green leafy with a protein (like chicken , cheese, eggs) , carrots and a little healthy fat (like Olive oil, avocado).

Fast foods:

Fast foods

Every ingredient that used in your fast food is too delicious and its taste supersize you isn’t it. Fast food actually rich in trans fat that inflames the gut, and GI tract . They absorbs high fructose syrup quickly responsible for causing insulin spikes. For example: who don’t like to eat pizza? And when the pizza comes in front of you..you can’t eat just one slice you eat whole pizza no matter how big it is. This is because it is made up of white flour dough, hydrogenated oils, processed cheeses and these may throw off your blood sugar levels and after eat those big pizza slices you still feel hungry. So making pizza at home is good idea use whole-wheat dough and tops it with lots of veggies, a sprinkling of cheese this will slow down your hunger pangs.

For those of you, who are simply facing this kind of problems like after eating breakfast within an hour their stomach again grumbling? You may want to make a change to your diet. Try some of these very food tips that may be helpful for the next time and can end up making you hungrier. You may even mix and match some of them to see which works the best for you. So enjoy your life!

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