6 Things You Need to Know About Your Liver That Have Nothing to Do with Alcohol

The liver is the largest organ in your body and the only organ that is capable of re-growth. When you spell liver alone like L.I.V.E.R it gives something significant meaning (i.e live) means you can’t live without liver. It considered that liver is a big manufacturing plant in your body. So be kind to this plant and give useful fertilizers (healthy foods). Your liver designed to cope up with almost anything natural you can chuck at it. So anything that found in nature like veggies, fruits food that you eat or drink helps your liver to performing its job.


Below we provide info about 6 Things You Need to Know About Your Liver That Has Nothing to Do with Alcohol.

You can’t live without your liver:

It’s not like some other organs like gallbladder or appendix which you can live without, but you can  live without a liver only for a short period of time. The liver performs some vital functions in your body like helps in digestion, blood clotting and filter harmful toxins and through them out from your body. But yeah you can live with a part of lives how? Well, it can regenerate and grow to its normal size after you lost part of it because of some reason either due to chemical injury or a surgical removal. A liver cell constantly trying to repair damage liver and rebuilds the organ. If you are going to donate part of your liver to someone else,don’t become panic….as doctor take just a small part of your liver . After few months it can grow back and work normally.

Not All Liver Diseases Are Related to Alcohol:

Why you always blame alcohol behind your liver disease. OK, we agree alcohol are responsible for your liver diseases but to some extent. Besides alcohol, there are more other factors that increase liver diseases. For example, Cirrhosis is a type of liver disorder that occurs due to increase in fat builds up in the liver and behind this alcohol is not the reason. Obesity, Diabetes and other symptoms of metabolic syndrome developing fat in the livers that cause Cirrhosis. So control alcohol consumption is good (one drink a day for women and two for men) but also try to controls other factors. Because increasing fat content in liver further increasing the risk of Liver cancer. Don’t generate more pressure over your mind…..keep calm and focus on reducing body weight or fat. Decrease in body fat means a decrease in liver inflammation problems.

The liver is multitasker:

Liver act as multitasker it can perform life-sustaining functions. It can metabolize everything you eat, drink, breathe, and absorb through your skin. Liver cells manufacture bile helpful to absorb fats, vitamins and aids digestion to get enough energy for your day to day activities. It stores Fat soluble vitamins and minerals and distributes them where and when they are needed.

Liver Doing the Detox Thing for you:

Everything we eat and drink our liver filter them and separate out vitamins and minerals and toxins. Surely you start thinking about toxins but in this, we are talking about foods and medications that also contain toxins. As we grow older we start taking more medications. In that case we have to pay a lot of attention to the health of our liver. As long as you take care of it, it will take care of you.

The key to health:

It protects your body from infections and blood disorders. They also work to keep the body in perfect balance by making sure the cells of the body don’t gain or lose water in essential body fluids. Another thing your liver does is to balance your hormones. Whenever you notice few things such as low sex drive, mood swings then it is necessary to eat liver-nourishing real organic foods!

Storage capacity:

Did you know what happen to the vitamins, minerals that you are eating? Well, your liver is one who stores them and delivers them to your tissues whenever they need them. So whenever you eat something just keep in mind you are not eating to satisfy your stomach but for the nourishment of the whole body.

Tips to have a healthy liver:

It is always to maintain a weight by avoiding fatty foods and staying fit. Replace all junk food with healthy options such as dairy products, fruits, grains, and vegetables. In addition, fad diets also not good for your liver as it might expose your liver to stressful conditions.

Before taking any medication keep in mind to take check the warnings of liver toxicity on the label. So it’s always necessary to consult your doctor if you are taking multiple drugs for various diseases just to ensure they are not damaging your liver.

Hygiene plays very important role to maintain as it is useful to prevent viral infections. As it is seen, that most of the infections can be transferred through contaminated food, blood, water. It is also suggested not to share razors or needles with anyone.

Fluid is the key to curing most of the diseases. So take as much as fluid you can take, water is the best fluid among all. Drink plenty amount of fluid rather than soda, caffeinated or aerated drinks. Water actually detoxifies the system.

Smoking is the culprit of various liver diseases. Smoking not only damages your liver but also increase the toxic effects.

So think once again, if you quit drinking alcohol but don’t change other risky aspects of your lifestyle, you’re liver is still going to be at risk. So keep an eye on what you eat or drink. Exercise is also one of the best advice you can do to maintain your liver healthily.

You should also need to avoid alcohol, processed sugar, and other processed foods, as well as heavily salted foods. So you really need to think about all the ways how you can help your liver to do its job. If can’t take proper care of your liver than surely you’re gonna be dead within a matter of hours. So the decision is yours.

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