13 things every super sensitive person wants to know

Highly sensitive people are also known as empaths. They usually carry the weight of the world on their shoulders because of their large amount of emotions rushing through them at the same time. Have you ever heard terms like “Don’t be such a cry baby!”, “I was just joking, don’t take things so seriously, you are too sensitive. Get out from it.” If yes…then don’t worry as you are not alone in this world. According to researchers most of 15 to 20 percent of people carry a gene that makes them sensitive than most of the people. But if you still want to know about some more things then check the list below we provide 13 things every super sensitive person wants to know.

super sensitive person

They think with their hearts:

Sensitive people are emotional and they most probably take decisions from their hearts. However, this can become a problem when they take decisions without considering the logistics of a situation.

They Cry Easier:

Those who love the super sensitive person, they will also learn to love their tears. They can cry suddenly, without any planning and for no obvious reason. Sensitive people show their anger and happiness mostly in the form of tears so appreciate them. Sensitive peoples are those who can cry on sad movies or even on happy movies due to which they feel embarrassed and despair from the society so we suggest you that it is a sign of being alive so enjoy your life without hesitation.

Other people’s moods personally impact sensitive person:

Highly sensitive people are much adjusted according to others feelings and can easily sense the moods of others. Highly sensitive people think more deeply as compared to other persons. Their deep level of concern for others leads to a sense of sympathy and concern for their friends’ happiness. It is also very difficult to lie to them because they’ll see right through it. They may also have more concern about how another person may feel on negative situations; they always stand by their side. And when they say “I know how you feel” they probably truly do.

They are highly observant:

Sensitive people are very shy and talk less to people, but they are highly observant and notice each and every thing about the person. They observe someone’s voice, a facial expression which provides valuable information about the people. This can be a very positive quality. There are lots of jobs that require great perception and insight so being sensitive can be a great benefit to many different careers. Moreover, you are a perfectionist because you do your work with your full dedication.

They are creative and innovative:

One of the best gifts given by GOD to sensitive people is creativity. This is because they have the quality to experience the world differently than other people. Yes, this is right that they have to deal with outside world a bit carefully, but when they use their awareness and clarity to hit into their inner world give amazing results. If you are sensitive then it will give you front row seat in creativity and innovative.

They are peaceful, gentle, and calm:

HSPs never ever enjoy conflict. In fact, they avoid conflicts at any cost because anger and loud voice disturbing them deeply. An HSP will likely to choose their partners and friends who are positive, peaceful and don’t stimulate anxiety or anger. Even if they get the peaceful environment they show their creativity and remain more focused on their work.

They are loyal:

Sensitive people find romantic partners and when they do commitment with them they always remain loyal to them. Their relationships are meaningful, intense and generally last a long time. Even when they get an argument with their partner they don’t give up, they try each and every possible thing to solve the problem. They become the beast life partner. So if you also have this kind of people never let them go from your life.

They act as excellent mediators:

As we discuss earlier that HSPs are tuned into the feelings of others and along with that they are good listeners. They are very good at solving the situations that require diplomacy. Suppose if two friends are in disagreement about something, HSP can actually help them to sort it out without taking sides. Before jump into anyone’s matter, they observe the situation and then solve their problem. They are very much famous among their friends to give positive solutions.

They are very polite:

HSP’s are actually full of manners like they always say “Thanks” or “Sorry” even if it is not required. They pay close attention that your behavior never affects other people and have the good manners to show for it. You already take a step back politely when any people get rude on you because you never want any conflicts.

They can’t say “NO” to anything:

Maybe hurting or offending is not present in the dictionary of HSP’s. So they say “Yes” to all, even when they don’t like the work. But this becomes a disadvantage for them….because everyone gives their work to them and they can’t say “NO” even if they have any plans.

If you are a highly sensitive person and feel embarrassed because of your reactions and feelings then from now onwards stop feeling this because you are more gifted and powerful  person than most, and you can learn  how to use your gifts for the benefit of yourself and others. And if you are not a highly sensitive person, I hope you may have a more sensitive person and family member in your life. If yes, then appreciate them because they are the best person and they want nothing from you expect your support and love.

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