10 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Most people assume that fat are not good for your health and they refused to include a fatty compound in their diet. But believe us not all fats are bad. omega fatty acid is good fat and is beneficial for your health, So include this in your diet. This is believed that this fat is good for reducing weight. Waooo…. great news isn’t! Below we list 10 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
Omega-3 Fatty Acids belonging to the family of polyunsaturated fats and has earned it name in the world of healthiest food. Omega-3 fatty acids are Composed of three fats namely ALA – α-linolenic acid, EPA – eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA – docosahexaenoic acid.You can’t take this fat from inside your body, most probably you get this fat from outside dietary sources.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Few Health Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Fight depression and Anxiety:

At least half of the populations are suffering from a major mental problem that is depression or anxiety. Most people often prefer to take medication for their treatment but these medications have various side effects so why not to take natural remedies to treat your mental health issues without any side effects. EPA and DHA present in Omega-3 Fatty Acids are effective to treat mild and moderate depression.

Skin benefits:

Fatty acids work as natural emollients as it contains ERP and DHA content which is useful in treating and preventing skin diseases like acne and allergies. Do you know it acts as a natural sunscreen properties which help to defend the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun? Fatty acid contains crucial nutrients that help to repair damaged skin cells. Besides, it helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin and decrease the melanin synthesis to maintain and improve the texture of the skin and gives you glow, radiant, and flawless skin.

EPA also benefits the skin in several ways, including:
Managing oil production in the skin
Preventing hyperkeratinization of hair follicles
Managing hydration of the skin
Preventing acne
Preventing premature aging of the skin

Hair benefit:

Everyone love their hairs isn’t it …….But what when they start falling down…..it become a matter to get upset. But take a Chill Pill ! don’t get upset because you have Omega-3 fatty acid that going to help you. It fights with various problems such as dry, itchy, flaky scalp, hair fall, dandruff and improper blood circulation in the scalp. DHA and EPA give nourishment to the hair follicles to make the hair strong and healthy.

Improve eye health:

Essential nutrients present in the fatty acid are beneficial for vision health. The fat helps to protect your eyes from age-related macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome. DHA is the main component of the brain and retina, hence not getting enough DHA means improper vision and blindness. Even doctors recommend Fish oil to the patients who are suffering from vision problem and this fish oil rich in Omega fatty acid. According to study that published in 2014 confirms that omega-3 fatty acids such as fish and nuts have proven to improve eye health.

Improve Sleep quality:

Everyone is busy today. Even they don’t get proper time to sleep, for this, you can either blame your work or electronic devices. Whatever be the reason, omega-3 fatty acid is helpful to resolve this problem. EPA and DHA help to reduce norepinephrine levels (a stress hormone that sleeps patterns). The positive benefit of DHA on sleep is much broader; actually omega-r fatty acid is a major fat present in central nerve system. Even 97 % of the brain made up of DHA. So consume omega 3 fatty acid and improve your sleep quality.

Menstrual Pain:

Every month girls suffering from worst pain during their periods. Omega-3 fatty acid is very good to reduce discomfort associated with menstrual cramps. If you consume omega fatty acid in lower quantity than you may experience increased menstrual pain.They are linked with each other.

Improve heart health:

Mostly we heard that if you are suffering from heart diseases don’t consume fats right! But as we discuss earlier omega-3 fatty acid is a good fat so you can have it, it also beneficial to improve heart diseases. Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, it helps to keep the arteries smooth and free from damage plus it also reduces triglyceride levels and also lower blood pressure. Omega fatty acid provides essential nutrients that prevent abnormal heartbeat which is the main reason behind the sudden death. Moreover, by including Omega-2 fatty acids in your diet you can also reduce the risk of stroke, blood pressure problems, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol and much more.

Protect your bones:

Mostly women’s get easily  affected by bones related problems like Osteoporosis. Omega -3 fatty has an ability to improve bone health by increasing calcium levels in the body. It has anti-inflammatory properties which protect the body against inflammations like reduce swelling in the body and relieve muscular pain. EPA and DHA present in this essential fat which has an ability to do that.

Omega 3 Cancer Prevention:

Omega 3 fatty acid helps to reduce cancer risk. According to various studies people who Consume fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids have a lower risk of breast, prostate, and colon cancer as comparative to those who consume less omega-3s. These fatty acids reduce the production of an enzyme that is helpful to reduce cancer cell growth. A Recent study was conducted in 2015 of omega-3 fatty acid that its inflammation-resolving properties are helpful to prevent breast cancers among women’s.


Omega-3 fatty acids actually a  polyunsaturated fatty acids, basically used for a medicinal purposes that provide effective treatment for asthma. Research shows that when you consume omega-3 fatty acids regularly it will help in controlling asthma .How did they observe? Actually, they conduct a research on children’s …they divide asthma children’s in two group. First group delivered by fish oil supplements and second group provided by a placebo.

So what you decide ….want to choose a good fat diet for the improvement of your health or not? next time whenever you go for a party or a dinner, full your plate with omega 3- fatty acid dishes as it not only delicious but also good for your health. So enjoy and get a healthy life.

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